Old age is what everyone looks up to, this is a golden period for those who have served their countries, families and communities to be taken care of and to be served in return.
At Ganat Healthcare Initiative (GHI), ” Ageing is a blessing ” this is our motto. How then can we ensure a peaceful  life for the elderly?
This is a tripartite process, which involves individual , family and the government roles.
To change the world, it begins with you. As an individual, you are aware that you would grow old one day. Therefore, you owe yourself the responsibility of taking conscious actions towards this part of your life before it comes. There are three areas you should concentrate on:
I. PLANNING : Like the popular saying goes “He who fails to plan,has planned to fail.”  The best time to start planning and preparing for your old age was yesterday, but today is still another opportunity. Start a pension scheme, buy shares in companies as much as you can afford, and think of starting your own company. Plan for twenty years to come, plan for fifty years to come. Plan, plan and plan. Never leave your future in the hands of others.
II. LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: This is very important because the way your body looks at a latter age is a reflection of how your body was used at your young/early age. This is the time to, cut down  on alcohol consumption, stop smoking, adequate fluid intake, and regular exercise. Failure to live a healthy lifestyle at a younger age would have a tremendous effect on you at an older age.
III. INVEST IN YOUR CHILDREN AND OTHERS: These are the people that will take care of you in your latter years. Investment in human beings yield the highest dividend!
In ensuring a peaceful life for senior citizens, the government should brace up, and take the lead in this noble course, which can be done in the following ways:
I. ESTABLISHMENT OF ELDERLY CARE HOMES: It is obvious, that in most societies today, there are inadequacies of such facilities. If looked into, this will go a long way in making life easier for most senior citizens roaming the streets today.
II. FREE AND QUALITY MEDICAL CARE: This can never be overemphasized, it’s been addressed by several organisations. Yet , there is no significant improvement. Health insurance for the elderly should be covered by the government, or at least 50 to 60% of their health expenses.
III. RESEARCH FUNDING FOR GERIATRIC CARE: The more support  that organizations get from the  government and other donors in the aspect of funding, the better the outcome of geriatric care and programmes.
IV. PROMPT PAYMENT OF PENSIONS: I consider it unfair, and I mean really unfair to owe pensioners. Most of these pensioners depend on it for their livelihoods. Thus, Ganat Healthcare Initiative (GHI) is appealing to the government and other agencies responsible for the administration and payment of pensions, to kindly ensure that our senior citizens are paid promptly.
V. PUBLIC AWARENESS: Government, through the ministries of information and health should create more awareness and sensitization programmes that border on elderly care. This will further improve and help to change the public’s orientation towards the elderly people in our society.
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My name is Adesuyi Adesina, the founder and CEO of  Ganat Healthcare Initiative. I am passionate about the care and health of older persons in our society. Senior citizens deserve good elderly care homes and better healthcare services.